This website is created to generate a safe space for all communities — to highlight and tackle minority issues as best as possible. Who is your favourite content creator? Are they part of a marginalized community? Are they perceived as a “good person” on social media? Let’s talk about these topics. Exploring content has never been simpler, let’s make sure we do our best to always be kind to one another. 

Let’s talk about everything relevant — Books, TikToks, Influencers, Content, and what makes these things special to us. We do this while also calling out inequalities and disparities in these fields, so that we are more informed about the people whose content we choose to consume and follow!

An integral part of this website is conversations about world issues and disparities in social media. Conversations about disparity are at an all time high, especially among the young adult and new adult audience. It is important to realize the impact YOU can have on society, and what your social media presence can represent. As a first generation immigrant from India and a woman of colour, I see disparities amongst different sectors and diasporas all around me. 

Grab a coffee, and let’s get you started.