It’s been three years since I’ve visited, four years since I left India. As an Indian navigating through life in Vancouver, I’ve learnt many things, the most integral being finding your identity. I thought I knew who I was, until I moved. Now it feels like I have to start all over again, and that is what I am doing – figuring out who I am, beyond the labels. An English major, an immigrant, a bibliophile, a tutor. I am excited to document my life as it comes in these blogs, including the good, bad, and the ugly. I am constantly evolving, consistently learning, and excited to see where this takes me, so follow along and you just might find something about yourself too!


How have books impacted how people of colour are viewed today? What influence has social media had on online hate?  Why are movies based on books doing better than other movies? Does the colour of your skin matter when you’re working in the internet industry? 

These are some of the questions I have asked around, but never gotten a solicited answer to. Growing up in a completely different part of the world, I have a varied sense of media literacy and what really matters to people like me, people of colour. Let’s start these discourses and find out. 

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me, I hope you’ll take something important away from what you see here!