Ms. Luna the Betrayer

I don’t talk enough about my dog (how dare I!). It’s time to get to know Her Majesty a little better.

Luna is a five year old golden-white Pomeranian, and an absolute traitor. She was adopted by my family when she was only a few weeks old, and she’s been ruling the Chadha household ever since. With her sass, attitude, and non-verbal actions, she has dominated and won against each and every member of my family (including myself). She started yelling and barking when she turned 2 months old, and that has since been her way of expressing herself. 

Luna the Traitor: When she was first adopted, Luna was my dog. She was so tiny we were afraid she’d hurt herself by running around the house too much, so I was on guard duty for many weeks. She whined quite a bit on her first night, and I stayed awake with her through it all, taking her on little walks to help get her accommodated and used to our house.

As she grew in size, her personality grew as well. She’d constantly yip and yap, bite and yell at me, and would fight! So much fighting. My mom would always tell me that she got her personality from me, because I’m also not afraid to speak my mind and fight for what I want (sounds familiar?) But she turned out to be a traitor, something I would absolutely never be! She slowly moved away from me and “became” my mom’s puppy. She would hang out with her all the time, and leave me to go sleep in my mum’s room.

That is betrayal if I ever experienced one!

Now that she lives full time with my mom and I live in Canada, I’m less jealous of my mom for stealing my puppy (!!) and more thankful for Luna for being there for my family. She is a wonderful addition to our lives, and I wouldn’t want this betraying little troublemaker any other way. 

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