Peer Review 1: ASL Sandbox

This is a peer review for Alyssa’s website — ASL Sandbox. 

ASL Sandbox is a “design sandbox” themed website where Alyssa showcases her creative portfolio and design-related projects. The website is set with a sans serif font and an easy-going yet professional tone, which works for the kind of content she is showcasing. Theme colours are black and white with yellow buttons, and there is ample negative space on either side of the pages. 


ASL Sandbox Homepage
ASL Sandbox Homepage


The “Home Page” is fairly neat and simple. Lay-out appears strong and coherent, and I get the vibe of straight-forwardness from just looking at the home page. The tone of the text seems kind yet stern, adding to the overall aesthetic of the site. Alyssa writes about the variety of different projects and creative works she has done so far, and the ones she wants to highlight are placed right below the text. 

I think a bit more information about the projects, the inspiration behind them and slightly more colour to the theme would make the “Home Page” stand out more. A solid logo would also work. 


ASL Sandbox's "About" page
ASL Sandbox’s “About” page


This is perhaps my favourite page on this website. The photograph chosen is warm, friendly and inviting (and Alyssa looks great in it!). The text comes before and after the photo, which also works well for the viewer as it feels like she has important things to say, and not just about her brand, but also herself. A little more information about Alyssa’s passions beyond design, what her likes and dislikes are, what she likes to do in leisure time, if she has pets or not — these things might add to the personal touch in the “About” section and make it even more inviting. Otherwise it looks wonderful!



ASL Sandbox's "Projects" page
ASL Sandbox’s “Projects” page


The “Projects” page is fairly simple and it works — it consists of the major design projects Alyssa undertook over time. There are different kinds of projects, like “Illustrations” or the “Vogue Magazine” cover. This shows her versatility and this is what her audience will search when looking at her portfolio for various job opportunities. 

Again, I think the page could have some more colour and warmth to it. What inspired you to get into these projects, what drew you to them? Your motivations and stories behind the work that you do makes your work stand out from others and might increase your possibility of getting hired for the position/job/opportunity that you are seeking.

Overall, Alyssa’s website is off to a wonderful start. I think a slightly more personalized touch that showcases her personality will make this website even more appealing and make it stand out, as I mentioned before. 

Also, why did you name your site ASL Sandbox? ASL is usually associated with American Sign Language, but putting the reason for why you chose the name will also add more depth to the site.

You’re doing amazing so far, Alyssa! 

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