Peer Review #3: Reimagining Horror

A screenshot of Ziky's website "Reimagining Horror" for a peer-review. A serial killer on the cover with the title at the top.

For the third and final peer review, I will review Ziky’s website called Reimagining Horror. The first thing I noticed when I went onto the site, it introduced me to the site with a very eerie theme which was very in tune with the main idea of the site. The header containing the name of the site and its apt description within a few words is more than enough for any person coming across this site to get instant information about the site’s content, which is very crucial in keeping the audience engaged.

As goes for the business plan, the theme and coordination of the site is to keep the audience engaged on the site. The site provides a compelling brand strategy in knowing its audience and making sure it provides enough examples in the post carousel to keep a potential audience wanting to scroll and look at the content of the site. If I was part of the demographic that was being targeted, the catchy pictures and eerie feel of the site would definitely keep me engaged and want to click stuff trying to figure out more about the contents of the site.

Compared to the previous peer reviews which mentioned challenges in navigation and separating reviews from PUB201 posts, I was pleasantly surprised to not find any difficulties in navigation. The navigation was smooth and clear. Another suggestion was that of the Instagram link being broken and that seems to be the case even now, but I feel this site can have a massive following amongst the right demographic and can be very successful in implementing critic vs fan ratings where in the active users of this site can put in their rating as well allowing for a stronger sense of community amongst the demographic. This site does very well in providing interesting and engaging content, and I am positive that it can be a big platform for reviews of killer movies, so I feel this site has improved massively from the second peer review.

I am not a horror movie fan in the least, yet I felt like I could easily understand, read, and relate to the content Ziky posted. It contained all the necessary details needed for a good review, and I can only see it getting better and better.

Overall, I feel the site is very well constructed and does a great job at providing relevant content to the audience. I am sure the demographic that gets to view this website would love to spend their time reading up on their favourite and/or upcoming movie reviews. 

The site link, one more time, is Reimagining Horror

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