As a new semester rolls out, this website is about to go through some changes. But worry not! They aren’t bad changes. 

We’re doing a rebrand, girls!

CaffeinatedTammy is going to hold its essence, but turn into more a commentary site which will focus on gender and BIPOC disparities in social media, and how it influences the regular folks like us! For years, I have been told that a woman of colour will always have to work three times the amount of a work a white man does. Why? Because we fight two battles at the same thing — Gender, and Racism. Add Colourism to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a disparity trifecta, something most Brown women have to tackle when they live in the West. 

I had always been concerned about such disparities in our society, but it enhanced by a tenfold when I moved from India to Canada in 2019. Then COVID-19 hit, and the TikTok surge took us to a hermit-like stage, where all we care about is what people are posting on their social media. 

This past few months, we all saw the rise of Alix Earle, a content creator who blew up on TikTok in December 2022. Her rise to fame and being dubbed the “It Girl” of social media happened in a mere span of months, which is unusual. It sparked conversations around her social media growth and people even used the tags “Alix Earle social media growth” a ton in their feeds. A 22 year old white woman studying in University of Miami, Alix has become popular due to her friendly and friend-like persona, which her followers love and adore.

But what strikes me as odd, is how easy and quick it is for white women to gain a following and popularity, compared to her pop counterparts? This requires a disclaimer: I view Earle’s content, and I do follow her on social media. I think her content is wonderful and engaging, and there is nothing wrong with gaining over a million followers over the short span of a few months. This series of calling out disparities isn’t to attack Earle, but to bring attention to how hard BIPOC women are working to gain the same access to opportunities that Earle has gotten in mere months. 

The main POC influencer I want to focus on is Alix Earle’s friend and another popular content creator, Monet McMichael. With a following of 2.4 million followers, McMichael is a fan-loved influencer. However, she has been working in this position for much longer than Earle, and her social media content is very similar to the former’s. What strikes me as different is their journey to popularity on TikTok and Instagram, where Earle leads the scoreboard, despite being a fresh, new influencer. 

Alix Earle's Instagram page screenshot Alix Earle’s Instagram page screenshot with a follower count 

Monet McMichael's Instagram page screenshot Monet McMichael’s Instagram page screenshot with a follower count 

Through the weeks, I will focus on the different ways influencers gain following and make their followers feel engaged and special, starting with McMichael. 

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